10 tips for landscape lighting

Posted on: February 2, 2020

1. Start off with the basics
When deciding on your landscape lighting objectives, the following elements of your outdoor space should be considered as “must-haves” to highlight in your lighting design.
⦁ Pathways
⦁ Entryways
⦁ Driveways
⦁ Steps
⦁ Patios
⦁ Trees
⦁ Water features
⦁ Architectural elements

2. Use LED Lighting for Extreme Long Life
The versatility, durability and benefits of LEDs for landscape lighting are plentiful.

3. The right lighting can accomplish a host of things on your property as below
⦁ Safety- The right lighting insures that no one trips or falls on the property
⦁ Security- When done correctly, good illumination stops intruders.
⦁ Beauty- The right play of light and shadow reveals the natural beauty already existing in the landscape.
⦁ Lifestyle- Extend your backyard living space
⦁ Economy- If you have non-LED lighting on your property, it’s time to join the LED wave and start saving on energy.

4. Less is ‘not more’
Lights create the mood and atmosphere in your garden at night. Transform your outdoor space into something magical at night, but make sure you don’t sparsely spread the lights. For a garden space, LED string lights can create a whimsical wonderland look.

5. Create a Visual Interest
For variety use multiple tactics within your outdoor space to create a ‘visual story’ with spike lights for trees, then Bollards and strip lights to enhance other sections.

6. Test position your lighting at night
When positioning your lights during the day, you don’t get a full understanding of how your trees, bushes and other elements cast shadows. So, it’s better off working this out at night.

7. Choose your mood preference as below
⦁ Down lighting: natural, subdued, romantic, mellow
⦁ Up lighting: dramatic, uplifting, grand, spooky
⦁ Back lighting: ethereal, understated, defining, mysterious
⦁ Front lighting: revealing, dramatic, flattening

8. Special effects with Led lights
LED bulbs have a very crisp light, so that really bring out the features of a landscape. Trendy LED lights can give you several decorative options for your landscaping.

9. Select the Path & Area Style
Path and Area Lights become part of your landscape. It is important that they complement or enhance the look and feel of the landscape and architectural features.

10. Water features
Fountains and pools are a wonderful medium to light as the movement and refraction creates patterns which reflect on the surrounding area. Use underwater LED spotlights under a water flow or alternatively consider using fiber optics to create a magical effect.

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