Global Light and Power LLC is delighted to announce our exclusive partnership in the MENA Region with the leading US lighting brand for Sand Casted Bronze Lighting fixtures- CAST Lighting.

CAST Lighting, LLC specializes in the research, innovation, and manufacturing of low-voltage outdoor lighting solutions based out of New Jersey, USA.

CAST designs and manufactures solid bronze low-voltage landscape, effective perimeter security lighting solutions and professional grade landscape lighting with both integrated and drop-in LED technology.

CAST is a dynamic company that has quickly become an industry leader in quality landscape lighting products.

Cast proudly offers landscape lighting solutions that are beautiful, durable and economical. Cast is viewed as one of the industry’s top experts, and they educate others about the subtle and often overlooked details that make up superb landscape lighting design and innovation.

Light defines textures, shapes, and structures, while evoking a wide range of positive emotional responses. Excellent lighting design can create moods that range from soft and subtle to dynamic and dramatic. It can highlight features of the structure, while maintaining a cohesive scene.

Excellent lighting design not only reveals existing beauty, it creates another layer of beauty entirely. This often takes the shape of shadows on structures as well as silhouettes and scenes not encountered in the natural daylight setting. A designer is essentially creating art from darkness.

CAST Landscape® designs and manufactures solid bronze low-voltage landscape lighting that’s considered best in class, built to last tools for the professional designer. “For over 18 years we have prided ourselves as a premier manufacturer of low-voltage landscape lighting fixtures, transformers, wire, and other system components”.

CAST Perimeter®, a division of CAST Lighting has been established as the most effective perimeter security lighting solution in the world.

Source Lighting, a new division by CAST Lighting is your source for professional grade landscape lighting made of durable brass. Offering both integrated and drop-in LED technology.

For more information about CAST, give us a call at 9714 3404458 or email