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Global Light & Power goes over and beyond what constitutes good service for its customers. We implement Pull Marketing by providing each of our clients with tailor designed services that meet their needs. For example, you may need an accurate measure of how much light you require in a Dining Room, so you can sit for long hours speaking to your family without your eyes getting fatigue. We can do that for you, and we do it for our clients every day. Need an immediate visit from our experienced on-site sales team to propose a wide range of appropriate products for your project? We can do that within 24 hours. Do you need a full 3D design of your lighting requirement, a complete IN-STOCK proposal of premium lighting fixtures (both indoor and outdoor), and a team of highly trained electricians and engineers to run the installation for you? Well we also do that… EVERY DAY. Oh, we also design and manufacture every lighting product or lighting accessory you see on our website.  


At Global Light & Power we don’t make a list of lighting services we provide, we ask the client what they require and we aim to fulfill each and every requirement. 







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