Private Villa

GLP has provided lighting solutions to over 2000 private villas across Dubai and the UAE. Our energy efficient, high quality LED lights significantly improved the aesthetics and ambiance of the villa’s indoor and outdoor areas.

Products Used For The Project
ZIYA - TL220015
ARGI - BL220347
LUKEN - LI220574
LUKEN - LI220567
FOTIS- SP220001
ABHA - FS330008
ABHA - FS330079
LANA - DL110335
LANA - DL110434
ZORA - CL660090
ABHA - FS330054
LANA - DL110283
CAHAYA - WL220237
ZORA - FL660073
LANA - DL110113
NANNA - WL220214
ARGI - PL220042
ARGI - BL220199
ARGI - BL220324
Fibre Optics Lightning System