This GLP® product encompasses a premium range of linear wall washers to cover all external facade and wall washing requirements. The products are available with a variety of styles, wattages, beam angles, and color temperatures.

Linear Wall Washers

Linear Wall Washers are a versatile lighting solution that can enhance the look and feel of any space. These lights are typically mounted on walls to provide a uniform wash of light that can highlight architectural features, artwork, building facades or other design elements.

Our Linear Wall Washers feature high-quality LED technology, which provides bright and far throwing efficient illumination while consuming minimal energy. They are available in a range of sizes and colour temperatures to suit a variety of applications, from facade lighting in commercial spaces to mood lighting in residential settings.

In Dubai, Linear Wall Washers have become a popular choice for designers and architects looking for a way to create a modern and sophisticated look in their projects. Our Linear Wall Washers are the perfect solution for any commercial or residential space in Dubai, offering high-quality lighting that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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