GLP Maintenance Terms & Conditions


  1. GLP qualified technicians will conduct a thorough site survey to determine the condition of only installed GLP products.
  2. GLP Quality Control will determine whether the products have failed due to manufacturing defect or other reasons.
  3. GLP Qualified Technicians can only determine the current state of GLP products, install or repair GLP products, and are qualified to review only GLP products.
  4. GLP Qualified Technicians will forward their findings to GLP Quality Control and determine the reason for fault or failure.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The first hour for GLP Maintenance will cost AED 150. Any additional hour will be calculated at the rate of AED 100/hour. These charges are only for expert GLP labor, it does not include the cost of any materials.
  2. If failure or product fault is deemed as manufacturing defect by GLP Quality Control, GLP will replace or repair products free of cost to the consumer if still under warranty period (must show original GLP invoice), excluding any installation costs. GLP products no longer under warranty, will have costs for replacement or repair and will have separate installation costs which can be quoted to the customer upon request.
  3. If any GLP products have failed due to any other reason except manufacturing defect, GLP team will provide a solution that will incur additional costs for repairs or replacements. These costs do not include the costs of installation, which can be calculated separately if the consumer agrees for GLP qualified technicians to conduct installation. 
  4. Installation costs for replacements, repairs, or additional products (bought separately) need to be quoted to the customer separately.

Payment Method:

  1. Upon agreeing to the GLP Maintenance Terms & Conditions, GLP Accounting will send a Credit Card payment link for the first hour. Once payment is confirmed, GLP Operations will confirm a date and time for the survey.
  2. Any additional hours or any other material or installation costs that are chargeable will be paid for after the site survey has concluded via credit card machine or cash. A survey voucher detailing the work done will be filled out by a GLP Qualified Technician and signed by the customer upon survey completion.
  3. Any additional installation, product repair, product replacement, or material costs will be quoted to the customer upon request, and payment can be processed via payment link prior to commencing additional work.

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