Tips to save on electricity with LED light

Posted on: February 2, 2020

With inflation on the rise, we’re getting more conscious of saving energy and money. Luckily, energy efficient lighting has come a long way and it’s easier now than ever to save on your electricity bill!
GLP has developed an extensive range of low energy products including modern spotlights, downlights, pendants and so on. Energy efficiency means doing more with less: which means squeezing as much useful power out of as little energy as possible without letting any go to waste. Take an old-style light bulb, for example; these bulbs produce light, but waste a lot of heat in the process. LED bulbs create the same amount of light without creating wasted heat, and they use less energy.
Consider these tips and start saving today:
⦁ Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs, especially where lights are on for long periods
⦁ Start by using the lowest wattage required to meet the room’s lighting needs
⦁ Turn off all lights in unoccupied rooms
⦁ Consider using timers and photocell sensors for outdoor lights
⦁ Regularly dust your low energy light bulbs and fittings
⦁ Make the most of natural light, open curtains and blinds during daylight
⦁ When you’re installing lights, allocate one switch per light rather than turning on multiple lights with one switch
⦁ Use two-way switches in rooms with two exits to ensure lights can be easily turned off when leaving the room

LED’s use approx. 80% less electricity as compared to halogen lamps and are rated to last on average of over 40,000 hours! They also operate at much cooler temperatures than any other lamps. You now have the option to upgrade your traditional halogen downlights to LED. Give us a call on 00971 4 3404458 and our experts can guide you with more info on our energy efficient LED lighting options.

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