Our Lighting Products are Shipped Globally

We take pride in offering our high-quality lighting products to customers worldwide. Here's a description of our shipping process and options.

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1. Partnership with Freight Forwarders

We have established partnerships with top-tier freight forwarders to ensure the quickest lead times in the industry. These strategic collaborations enable us to streamline the shipping process and deliver our products to customers efficiently.

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2. Immediate Shipment from Dubai Warehouse

For standard products, we maintain a well-stocked warehouse in Dubai. This allows us to fulfill orders promptly and ship them immediately after purchase, ensuring swift delivery to customers.

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3. Customization Manufacturing Time

If customization is required for specific products, such as different color temperatures, we allocate approximately 3-4 weeks for manufacturing. The timeline may vary slightly based on the factory's production schedule.

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4. Secure Packaging

Once the customized product has been manufactured, we take great care in securing appropriate packaging. We ensure that the packaging is sturdy and designed to protect the products during transit, reducing the risk of any damage.

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5. Lead Time for Shipment

The lead time for shipping depends on the destination of the products. As we cater to a global customer base, the shipment duration can vary based on the location. We strive to provide accurate estimates regarding the shipping timeframes to ensure transparency and manage customer expectations.

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6. Air Freight Option

In urgent situations, we offer air freight as an option for the fastest possible lead time. However, it's important to note that air freight can be more costly compared to other shipping methods. We recommend considering this option for time-sensitive orders or critical projects.

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7. Sea Freight for Cost Savings

To save on shipping costs, we advise our clients to plan and order in advance, opting for sea freight whenever possible. While sea freight might have a longer transit time, it generally offers more economical pricing for larger orders or non-urgent shipments.

By offering various shipping options and working closely with reliable freight forwarders, we aim to provide our customers with flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in the delivery of their orders.

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