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GLP aimed at enlightening the places you spend the most time. So, be it home garden or a whole house indoor Lights, GLP offers you a complete variety to fulfill your needs for lighting. Therefore, the residents of Idaho have always shown their trust in us in terms of home lighting. We understand our customers and their needs. So, the variety in our LED Lights Idaho catalog is all about offering your home amazing lighting fixtures. We know the urge of marinating the place while keeping both style and modernism in intact. Our LED indoor and outdoor lights are manufactured by keeping it in mind.

So, it’s time to enjoy the beauty at your place with the GLP lights for both outdoor and indoor lighting needs. Downlights, Recessed lights or any wall lights are offered at the reasonable. Pay the price that will payback for every dollar you spent on purchasing these light fixtures.

We are providing the high-class quality of LED lights from the years and perfecting the light needs of both residential and commercial places.

Manufacturer of LED, Idaho

Our approach towards energy and environment-friendly quality has remained the same from the beginning. No compromise on the aesthetics and every piece of LED light is top-notch in the quality. So, let your modern homes shine brighter than before and ensure the best for the interior decoration of your place. Prices of the LED fixtures and power supplies or any other lights are according to the market value. Moreover, the lower consumption of energy helps you in saving by over 85% of the maintenance cost.

Design & Development in USA/Dubai
Nichia LED (Japan) & CREE LED (USA)
Metal Core Board: USA
Extrusions: China
Final Assembly of all fixtures: China

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